I don’t know that I would say that I’m a “History buff”, but I’m pretty obsessed with understanding how things got to be the way they are today. I love finding out the origins of words in the English dictionary (geek alert) just so I can decide for myself if what it is today makes any sort of sense!. How many things do we participate in on a daily basis that we’ve never actually stopped to look into and say “uh, this really doesn’t really add up here.

So, the fitness industry has pretty much exploded over the course of the last few years. While it used to be a small niche-community, today is has grow and infiltrated the masses more than we’ve ever seen before. Most of you may have never stopped while you’re at the gym wondering to yourself “when did all this even start?”. Believe it or not, working out and practicing proper nutrition has barely been around for a hundred years. For women, it’s been even shorter.

Jack Lelanne is considered to be the “Godfather of Fitness”. He created the first health club which later became “Bally’s total fitness”. He developed the first leg extension machine and was a huge advocate for women exercising way before his time in the 1930’s. This dude believed in fueling the body with proper nutrition using whole foods and training it for endurance to do unbelievable things. Supplements? He ordered vitamins by the box full. 

Ok, so maybe you don’t care about fitness history so much but just think about how enormous the concept of exercise is today. This dude literally paved the way for this to happen. Before you ever get discouraged about people not understanding your visions for whatever you may be trying to accomplish- screw them. Great ideas and the pioneers of these great ideas are always said to be insane until they catch fire and we can’t imagine life without them. I mean, a life without nutrition and exercise?? C’mon!         

I wanted to share a couple quotes that Jack became known for so you can carry a little piece of fitness history with you. His philosophies sounds pretty #Clutch to me:


“The only way you can hurt the body is not use it”


"If man makes it, don't eat it,"


“Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you've got a kingdom.”


In reading these, I can’t help but think what he would say about some of the methods of the fitness industry today. In my opinion, going back to the roots of something will show you what it was truly intended to be. I think we can all take a little from what this man believed in and use it as a compass to find out true north as we are inundated with the hype and craziness of the industry. I’m all for evolving and becoming stewards of the science it takes to transform the body but there are parts of fitness that have taken a turn that make no sense when you look deeper. I don't need to delve into these things to make a point, but I know that each of you can think of something that makes no kind of sense if you think about. 

At Clutch Bodyshop, I would say that one of our biggest hopes for the #ClutchArmy would be that you all begin to think as individuals outside of what the rest of the industry wants to spoon feed you. Because we have founded our principles on the science of how the body works, we have come out and taken a bold stand against many common practices particularly on manufacturing and ingredients of supplements and nutrition. As we prepare to relaunch on 11.11.14 with all newly formulated products, we are prepared to embark on a journey to educate all of you on exactly WHY we have done things the way we have. Ultimately our hope in doing this is to empower you to not only make smart decisions as athletes but to show you that taking a stand for what you believe in truly does have the potential to change the world just as our late friend Jack Lelanne has shown us in giving the gift that we all love so much called fitness. 



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Apr 19, 2015 • Posted by Heather Pearson

I couldn’t agree more with this post. I think some people forget the purpose of supplements, and quite literally the definition of them. They don’t replace proper diet or hard work in the gym, on the pavement, on the field, etc—they supplement the lifestyle you’ve established in your habits! Also as you guys have shown with your products, not all supplements can be viewed the same way. It’s not about the number of bottles and bags you have, but more so the quality and timing of consumption. I love reading this company’s posts because you guys are all about getting the facts out there in a real manner, and educating those who are looking to better themselves. No matter where someone is starting, the important thing is to get 1% better. If the desire and motivation is there then their goals will be met. Knowledge is key, and Clutch. :)

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