The Clutch Bodyshop® fuel line is designed to keep you on your hustle and grind 24/7, 365.  How?  By nourishing your body with the world's most premium, lacto-vegetarian and 100% non-GMO ingredients.  Instead of chemicals, artificial junk and enough caffeine to stimulate the entire west coast, Clutch Bodyshop® fuel products are made in small batches using only nature's most premium and standardized phytonutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, protein and powdered superfoods.  We're so passionate about being the MOST premium, that even our Clutch Bodyshop® Protein Powder is sourced from 100% New Zealand cows that are fed ONLY non-GMO grass and raised ethically without antibiotics and hormones.  


Clutch Bodyshop® products are tested on real athletes and clients in real training conditions--not animals.  So whether you're a professional track & field athlete, a top CEO or getting ready for a world tour, Clutch Bodyshop® products meet the rigorous demands on your body. 



All Clutch Bodyshop® 100% vegan/lacto-vegetarian products are manufactured in the USA in an NSF® and GMP certified facility using the world's highest quality standardized ingredients.  Our products are guaranteed free of artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners.