Since 2008, Clutch Bodyshop® has been the exclusive training and lifestyle club to the world's biggest celebrities, athletes, fashion models and powerhouse CEO's. Founded in a small Los Angeles garage by celebrity fitness expert Ashley Conrad, Clutch Bodyshop® began as nothing more than a set of dumbbells and a vision of doing something epic in the fitness industry. After playing basketball at the University of Southern California, Conrad got a job at a local L.A. gym. After gaining a loyal high-profile following at a local Los Angeles gym, Conrad saw an opportunity to build a fitness and lifestyle company that did things different. Instead of crazy dieting and excessive exercise, she brought the Clutch Bodyshop® treated every client like an athlete. With Conrad at the helm and staffed with top chefs, massage therapists, rehab experts and custom meal delivery, within 6-months of launch Clutch Bodyshop® had a client roster filled with A-list celebrities, massive notoriety amongst Hollywood elite, and as they say in Hollywood, "And the rest is history". While today Clutch Bodyshop® has become a worldwide brand, product line, and moved from a small garage to a comprehensive 6,000 square foot training facility, we never forget where we came from or what built us. Excellence in all that we do, changing the game, one body at a time. That's Clutch.