By Ashley Conrad

THE F-WORD (needs proof)


That 3 letter word we're obsessed with. Over the last 20 years,engaging in a never ending battle to fight it. Does what we’re doing to burn fat even making any sense, though? You decide. 

I’m going to try to make this as simple as possible: 

Carbs=glycogen= your body’s best source of energy (aka allows you to clutch your face off in the best way). Without carbs in our diet we can’t workout to intensity and fat burning suffers. This is because whether you are burning glycogen or fat for energy “fat-burning” is taking place no matter what.

This brings us to our first Clutch Fat Burning Truth:

Particularly post workout the body is grasping for more energy sources so replenishing your glycogen (carb) stores allow fat burning to continue and prevents the body reaching for muscle to burn as energy. 
**Clutch Bodyshop recommends gluten free carb sources.

The next Clutch Fat Burning Truth is: 

Let’s highlight Virgin Coconut Oil as an example, although high in fat, the first rate thermogenic properties of this “fatty” are science’s way of burning fat the right way. For the icing on top let’s mention that as a medium chain fatty acid, Coconut oil is readily used in the body more like carbohydrates which translates to it being burned as pure fury in the gym. #thatsclutch

Side note: fats rich in omega 3,6 and 9 are required for every basic biological process including brain function and stress management. Basically we would be crazy to cut fats…literally.

These two simple principals about burning fat are just the beginning of the truth. Carbs and the right fats are just two allies in the battle to burn off the excess. There are countless natural occurring ingredients that nature has to offer including a seaweed extract called Fucoxanthin that also promotes thermogenesis and fat burning in the body. 


  • Hi Amber,

    I love the Clutch philosophy and fully support what you and Ashley Conrad are trying to do with the Fitness Industry. You both have had a great amount of influence on my own training, and have a similar ideology when it comes to women in the fitness industry. As a Senior Dietetics student, certified personal trainer, and aspirations to earn my Ph.D in Exercise Physiology, why does Clutch recommend gluten-free carb sources? Being “gluten-free” without having celiac disease is a fad diet, that has little valuable research to back up claims that are made. I’d love hear why you think a gluten-free carb source post-workout is more beneficial than others.


    Erin on

  • I would like to get your Termo fat burner but your products don’t ship pills:( to Canada we got our hoodie and sweatpants but we can’t get the rest. We love Clutch!!!!!
    you guy’s rock great motivation and fantastic tips
    Thank you

    Kat on

  • Thanks for the great info!

    With partial help from Ashley Conrad’s Clutch Cut program (got me through my last plateau) I was able to lose 80 lbs last year. The program not only transformed my body but it changed my life in ways I could have never imagined.

    This article was the perfect way to rev me up for yet another cut. I am forever grateful for finding the Clutch ways.

    Like the above post says…keep ’em coming!

    Liss on

  • I love that CLUTCH products have natural ingredients and promote truth. I’m glad you gals have started this blog, so I can read more about what’s going on at CLUTCH! #nowthatsclutch

    rebecca lambert on

  • I just started Transform 1 and I’m really enjoying it! I love to read the blog posts because I like learning about fitness from the Clutch team whose philosophy I respect and trust. Please keep the blog posts coming!

    Gabrielle on

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