By Amber Elizabeth Dodzweit


Pardon me, but am I the only one that has noticed a shift in focus to a particular “ass-et” within our fitness community? Is pop-culture to blame for this relentless pursuit of the perfect, high, tight, round, gravity-defying butt? To what lengths are people actually going to get these “ass-tronomical” back ends? Can we believe everything put on social media?

See, it’s different here in the fit-world because when Nikki Minaj gets on stage rapping a rendition of “Anaconda”- people don’t care if she squats or not. Nobody minds if she has an augmented-ass because she’s selling albums not fitspo. When the insta-famous fitness inspirations post glute-selfie after glute-selfie and claim that you too can have a butt like that if you just do squats lunges and deadlifts…be tempted to call BS. While some of us invest hours a day, days a week for months on end to achieve this coveted, curvacious apple-bottom result, others are going under the knife. Can you say cheaters? For sure.


Yes, I just went there.

It doesn’t sit right with me when people claim that hard work and dedication is the key to attaining the body you want, when the hard work and dedication they used was driving themselves to the doctor’s office, laying face down and waking up with a booty that they didn’t work for – but paid for. Don’t think this is just women. Dudes are buying shoulders, pecs…you name it. I am all about doing what is necessary to feel good in your own skin. I also think if you’re in the limelight, you owe a certain amount of truth the people that are looking to you for advice on how to get results.

Will all the fake butts please stand up?

My point will always come back to this, people lie, they eliminate what they don’t want you to know and show you what they want you to believe. Before you let your fitness dreams come crashing down because you haven’t been able to attain the look of your favorite fitness-star or celebrity, just be real with yourself and remember that authenticity is the one thing that doctors can’t sell. If all else fails, we now know that glutes are up for purchase.

I don't need to call names for you to identify who inspires through transparency and who's all smoke and mirrors. They ALL know who they are and I hope you share this blog so the impostors feel the pressure of change. At Clutch Bodyshop, we like to call it like it is and we don't hold punches when deceit is involved.

Work hard. Be real. That’s clutch.



  • So true! There are too many fakes out there. Thanks for calling it for what it is

    Jen on

  • Amen! I agree, and find it completely deceiving to those who look to for advice or how to become fit. Be real.

    Sarah on

  • Brilliant. Keep writing about things like this. It goes beyond just fake booties when it drives a society into developing severe body dysmorphia and other disordered patterns. Thanks for always keeping it real! Xoxo

    Sami Jo on

  • Finally, thank you! More women need to hear this!

    Holly on

  • Amber, this is exactly why I wish that there were more women like you who are willing to say what some are too scared to say. Kudos, as always, for being the role model that more women should aspire to be.

    Emily on

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