By Ashley Conrad


#1.  LENTILS: Feed your brain.
Carbohydrates like the ones found in lentils are essential for brain function. This is a non-negotiable for staying positive. Lentils are loaded with folate and vitamin B12 which help convert carbohydrates into energy, reduce stress and not to mention, they contains 9g of protein in ½ cup. 
#2.  ORGANIC RED CABBAGE: Stress less.
The antioxidant called “Anthocyanin” and there are 36 types of this in red cabbage. What does it do? Not only does it reduce inflammation but helps cognitive brain function a process crucial for self-discipline and can help fight oxidative stress and prevent cancer- Yes!!!
#3.  GREEN TEA: Keep anxiety at bay!
An amino acid in green tea called “Theanine” not only helps proper brain function but also has been used to treat anxiety and high blood pressure. Limiting anxious feelings is so important for staying on track!  [Our Clutch Fat-Burner is packed with Theanine]
#4.  CHIA SEED: Fight Depression and keep motivated.
Recent studies are showing links between Omega 3’s (found in Chia Seeds and also in a variety of other foods) and positive behavioral function. Some even suggest that Omega 3’s could be beneficial in fighting depression. Promoting a positive mindset could help you reach your goals! [Don't forget our Clutch Baking Mix contains chia seed powder!]
#5.  ORGANIC AVOCADO: Stay in peak mental condition.
Glutathione is a molecule found in Avocado that has been deemed “the master antioxidant”. Research shows that increased glutathione levels can reduce muscle damage, decrease recovery time, promote an increase in strength and endurance while shifting metabolism from fat production to developing muscle. All that sounds pretty “Clutch” to us, but even more so is the fact that Glutathione helps keep energy level up which is great for staying motivated!
A transformation journey can be daunting for anyone. In educating ourselves, we assemble strategies for success. Now, abs can be made in the kitchen but can willpower?. Try these 5 Clutch Willpower Superfoods alongside your Clutch Bodyshop Training programs and Products and don’t forget to pass this blog along to all those on their own journey to success!!


  • I just finished the Clutch Cut program Sunday and have transitioned to the Clutch Life (Shred) program. I’m not sure what the timing on the post-workout meal is. Should I be consuming that immediately following with the shake?

    Thanks for the guidance!

    Jackie S on

  • Do lentils really have the vitamin b12? Am I reading that right? I was thinking that was a meat source vitamin.

    Ashley on

  • thank you for making it sound so simple. Often i find myself making nutrition so much more complicated than it actually is. Note to self: stick to the basics <3 Thank you

    Rebekah on

  • Wicked article!! But my favorite part by far is your dad’s comment.

    Angie on

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